Display Advertising.

There was a time, not too long ago, when Display Advertising referred to any medium of communication between a business and its prospects that compels use of the marketer’s product using language and/or imagery. This most commonly took the form of advertisements in magazines and newspapers, out-of-home (OOH), direct mail, point-of-sale, etc. Today, however, the term "display advertising" has evolved into a nearly exclusive meaning of internet marketing via banner ad campaigns.

The modern-day form of display advertising campaigns takes the shape of banners, sponsored links and display placements on appropriate websites. Internet display advertising brings great depth to the medium because the advertising can/should be interactive, animated, contain video and audio elements and link the consumer directly and instantly to more information about the product. Any ad that can connect a prospect directly to a site that offers an opportunity to purchase a product is right down Main Street for a Challenger Brand. Additionally, display advertising campaigns provide advertisers with trackable consumer behavior; the ability to directly measure ROI.

Until the advent of the modern Internet, marketers were limited to media choices that “offered an opportunity” for consumers to see/hear an ad. Channel flipping, dial scanning, and periodical skimming all lead to missed spots. There’s no assurance that your spot had been seen, heard or read. Display advertising campaigns allow Challenger Brands to measure exactly who clicked on their banners and visited a specific site. Gumas understands that the magic lies in designing banner ad campaigns that compel consumers to read the copy, click on the banner, visit the site and convert the visit to an action. This action may be filling out a contact form, signing up for a newsletter, taking a tour, downloading a white paper, watching a video, “liking” us, or any one of a hundred other desired responses. Converting a “view” to an “action” via dynamic banner ad campaigns leads directly to measurable ROI.

When it comes to digital advertising, Challenger Brands must be most interested in Conversion Rate. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) has become an important part of what we do everyday. CRO is about analyzing what is most effective in designing each aspect of a user’s experience. The conversion rate translates to the number of visitors that become new leads or customers. Conversion rates can vary dramatically based on small design changes. This requires the agency to pay close attention to response rate and adjust the message accordingly.

Split Testing, or A/B Testing, is a common tactic to determine effectiveness of one message versus another. The agency will randomly direct a sample of users between a contol design (“A”) and a secondary “treatment” design (“B”). User behavior will provide us with the necessary data to make adjustments (i.e. overall traffic, bounce rate, number of clicks on a button or form submissions).

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