Graphic Design

Graphic design is commonly described as as a stylized approach to communication using type and image. We think this is fair, except that for Challenger Brands, there’s so much more to consider when designing materials that must be succinct, meaningful and drive the target to action.

Whether it’s a company logo design or marketing collateral design, Challenger Brands must pay close attention to every detail in order to get the most out of their messaging. Graphic design is a critical aspect of the overall perception and image of a Challenger Brand, and it plays a key role in the success of the specific marketing collateral materials.

A Challenger Brand’s marketing collateral design must generate attention in a cluttered environment while simultaneously helping the target quickly and easily absorb the information and why it will benefit them.

We follow six important graphic design guidelines to maximize impact and response to our logos and marketing materials.

  1. Focus on one dominant feature – Effective marketing collateral design focuses on a single, dominant feature. Generally an image or a headline, it is designed to catch the eye and draw the reader into the body copy or other sales messaging. We design assuming we have only two to four seconds to grab our target’s attention. Keep it simple. We like to say, “when you try to emphasize too much, you end up emphasizing nothing.”
  2. Minimize typeface variety – Use one, maybe two, typefaces – total. Using too many typefaces upsets the flow and makes your piece harder to read. Wisely chosen typeface contributes to a compelling story as well as effortlessly guides the reader in our intended direction.
  3. Text must be easy to read – The text of any marketing piece is where most of the selling occurs. Font choice is a critical element that could dramatically increase the readability of the piece. Before writing any copy, we must understand whom we are addressing, what style would be most appealing and what would most likely generate a response. Type should not be too small or condensed. Narrow columns always read better than wider columns. Paragraphs should be short and to the point. We favor bullet points and subheads to break up text and help guide the reader through the message. The more inviting the copy, the greater the chance it will be read.
  4. White space is good – White space is your friend. Challenger Brands mistakenly feel they need to fill every inch of their marketing collateral with copy and pictures. White space makes everything within it jump out and get noticed. Sometimes, saying less makes a bigger impact.
  5. Use relevant images – Pictures are worth a thousand words. Images must help support the message, not confuse the target audience. One attention grabbing, singularly focused image typically works best to draw the reader in.
  6. Tell them what to do – Now that the marketing material has the target’s attention, aroused their interest and introduced them to clear and concise text, we can’t leave them hanging. Close with the critical next step – direct the target to do something. Challenger Brands must have a strong call-to-action (CTA) built into the marketing collateral design. Tell them to buy. Tell them to call. Send them to a website to enter a contest. Just tell them to do something and watch them do it.

Creating effective company logo design and marketing collateral design is both an art and a science. It is both beautiful and smart. Challenger Brands must prioritize graphic design in order to move their target to action and achieve the greatest ROI.

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